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When Is The Right Time To Clean Your Dryer Vent System?

Right Time To Clean Your Dryer Vent System

With cleaning services like dryer vent and air duct cleaning easily available, one should not take any chances, as the cost of the consequences of not doing such cleanup routines may be even higher in the long run. There is always a growing concern regarding the amount of dirt that accumulates in the dry vent system resulting in hazardous situations such as fire breakouts. Lint and dust particles build up in the dryer vent ducts over time.

As such, it is imperative to thoroughly clean the entire dryer vent system. This will not only enable the dryer to function optimally but also reduce the rate of power consumption. Moreover, it plays a unique role in preventing hazardous occurrences such as fire breakouts. The following ideas will give you a hint about the right time for cleaning the dryer vent.

Time taken to dry clothes

When the dryer machine takes a reasonable amount of time to dry your clothes, it is an indication that is it performing well. However, when it takes awfully long, the problem may have something to do with lint and debris collection in the dryer vent system. The dryer machine operates in such a manner that pushes hot and moist air out to allow dry air to flow in hence drying the clothes.

Lint and any form of debris clogs the dryer vent, making it hard for hot moist air to come out. This in turn lengthens the time taken to dry your clothes. This problem may have several consequences. Besides resulting in overheating issues, it lowers the machine’s lifespan by accelerating the rate of wear and tear. Furthermore, you will have to pay higher electric bills. Dryer vent cleaning is the best remedy for getting rid of lint.

The burning smell and the machine temperature

Sometimes, when you run the dryer vent machine, you may get a burning smell. In most cases, this is the result of excessive lint in the system. For the record, lint is highly flammable and when it catches fire, it can burn an entire house down. Therefore, the minute you smell anything out of the ordinary such as burning smell, you need to stop the machine and seek professional assistance as soon as you can. The other thing that tells you the machines needs effective cleaning is rise in temperature. After using the machine, you may realize that it is very hot on the outside when you touch it.

Lint at the vent opening

When using the dryer machine, there is an exit vent for the air to come out. If you see signs of lint around this area, that means the machine should undergo dryer vent cleaning since the physical signs of the lint tells you that there’s a growing accumulation of lint which can be potentially dangerous for your home.

The last time you did dryer vent cleaning

If you have used the machine for a whole year without cleaning the dryer vents, you are likely to end up with a machine that has a lot of lint. Therefore, you need to ensure that the vent systems are cleaned on a regular basis. Think about the last time you cleaned the dryer vent – if it is more than one year ago, it’s time to get a dryer vent cleaning company to step in.


Process in which a skilled, and certified technician, uses “POWER VAC” to remove dust, dirt, and other contaminants from the HVAC system. Air duct cleaning consists of vacuuming, air washing and scrubbing all of the accessible components using a high pressure, pneumatic equipment capable of reaching every nook and cranny. That includes diffusers, branches, plenums, as well as a blower fan and a coil when needed. It is recommended to sanitize the ductwork for its optimum performance. Duration of the cleaning process depends on the complexity of the HVAC system.


Process of removing lint and other contaminants from the air vent. Clogged dryer vents are among most common causes of house fires in the United States. If your dryer has not been cleaned in over a year, it is very important to do so. Duration of the dryer vent cleaning depends on its complexity as well as the length of the air duct.


Process of restoration of any flooded area and bringing it back to its original condition. Restoration consists of removing any surfaces that came in contact with water, cleaning out the area, “air scrubbing” and drying infected space, sanitizing as well as mold remediation and restoration when needed. Flooding, faulty appliances, overflowing toilets, storms and hurricanes are among most common water damage scenarios.


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