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Why Should You Insist On Professional Air Duct Cleaning?

Professional Air Duct Cleaning

For most people, it’s not until they actually move into a new home that they realize their air ducts need to be cleaned professionally. Those who never get to move think cleaning them with a vacuum cleaner is all that’s required to keep clean.

Professional air duct cleaning is mostly recommended by real estate agents if you are interested in purchasing an old property. Given that a lot of families have lived in that home, there’s no telling what debris and dirt you will find packed inside the air ducts and cooling system. This dirt can compromise the quality of indoor air, putting your family at risk of dust-related infections.

Improved air quality

Whether or not you are moving into a new home, having your air ducts cleaned professionally will go a long way in improving the quality of air inside your house. As dust and dirt particles continue to accumulate in air ducts, they move through the cooling and heating systems and are blown in the house. This leaves young children and adults alike at a risk of contracting diseases and suffering from allergies. Those who are allergic are at higher risk of being affected by dust particles. If there are people in your household who have such allergies, keeping your air vents clean becomes even more essential. Professional air duct cleaning removes contaminants, as well as locates and repair leaks in your system.

Improved HVAC efficiency

Dirty air ducts are probably the reason why your energy bill has been high for the past few months. Having your air ducts cleaned professionally will improve the flow of air in HVAC, making your system more efficient and lowering your energy bills. Professional air duct cleaning is recommended at least once every two years.

Other advantages of professional air duct cleaning include:

  • Increased HVAC life span
  • Reduces household dust
  • Clears your air ducts and HVAC system

When should you DIY clean your air vents?

Although professional cleaning will be insisted upon by experts, there are instances when it’s not necessary. The following are situations where DIY air duct and vent cleaning should be considered.

  • When there’s visible mold growth in the HVAC system and air ducts
  • When there’s an excess amount of dirt and dust, especially after major renovation projects
  • When small animals or insects can be seen crawling around the ducts

How will you know that the professional air duct cleaning is effective?

An effective air duct cleaning is one characterized by complete removal of dust and dirt material embedded in your air duct service. Any mold remediation and restoration in the ducts required is also part of this task.

What should you expect when your air ducts are being cleaned?

The following are standard practices during air duct cleaning:

  • Opening doors and any other access doors to allow access to the system
  • Inspection of the entire system prior to cleaning
  • Protection of your furnishings and carpets
  • Adherence to NACADA’s air cleaning standards
  • Use of high-efficiency particle air, vacuuming equipment to clean the ducts

Process in which a skilled, and certified technician, uses “POWER VAC” to remove dust, dirt, and other contaminants from the HVAC system. Air duct cleaning consists of vacuuming, air washing and scrubbing all of the accessible components using a high pressure, pneumatic equipment capable of reaching every nook and cranny. That includes diffusers, branches, plenums, as well as a blower fan and a coil when needed. It is recommended to sanitize the ductwork for its optimum performance. Duration of the cleaning process depends on the complexity of the HVAC system.


Process of removing lint and other contaminants from the air vent. Clogged dryer vents are among most common causes of house fires in the United States. If your dryer has not been cleaned in over a year, it is very important to do so. Duration of the dryer vent cleaning depends on its complexity as well as the length of the air duct.


Process of restoration of any flooded area and bringing it back to its original condition. Restoration consists of removing any surfaces that came in contact with water, cleaning out the area, “air scrubbing” and drying infected space, sanitizing as well as mold remediation and restoration when needed. Flooding, faulty appliances, overflowing toilets, storms and hurricanes are among most common water damage scenarios.


Steam cleaning consists of deep carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and upholstery cleaning. High temperature steam deeply cleans and sanitizes all the surfaces leaving a pleasant and fresh scent. Powerful steam cleaning machines along with environment friendly detergents can remove any difficult stain.